19 Different Types of Creeps You Should Avoid Like the Plague on Tinder

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Tinder is an oasis of awesome people where you’re sure to meet the love of your life, right? Wrong. Even eternal optimists have to admit that the dating app attracts a host of terrible losers. So to help out, we’ve put together a handy guide to the kind of creeps you need to watch out for. Click on to see the 19 types of guys you should probably swipe left on.

Image: Betches
Image: via BETCHES

19. The already-married guy

Not all married guys are stupid enough to use a photo of their wedding day as their Tinder pic, but these creeps are still easy to spot: their clingy need for validation is one dead giveaway. Plus, one in three Tinder users are married according to at least one study, so they’re more common than you think.

Image: Ultimate Tinder Fails
Image: via Tumblr/Ultimate Tinder Fails

18. The only-there-for-sex guy

We’re not saying every guy you meet on Tinder is going to be the one, but some of them don’t even bother to fake an interest in dating. They’re only there for one thing — and their borderline-NSFW photos and creepy come-ons make that pretty clear.