40 People Who Recreated Their Old Photos And Proved That True Love Stands The Test Of Time

Image: Twitter/a
Image: via Twitter/a

38. Pride

Although the couple featured have evidently aged a little, this snap is an excellent update of the original – right down to the matching colored shirts. And, happily, the guys look just as content in the newer photo as they do in its predecessor.

Image: reddit/ryo5210

37. Same place

Redditor ryo5210 reshot their adorable family photo in the same spot in Malaysia 20 years on, although their entire neighborhood has been rebuilt since the original picture. However, as one commenter has pointed out, while the background may have changed, the clan’s love seems to have endured.

Image: TheOak
Image: reddit/TheOak

36. Years later

TheOak posted a then-and-now comparison of his beaming kids on reddit. The pair of photos were taken 12 years apart, with the little ones being just two and four years old when the original was snapped. The one constant in both shots is the happy smiles on the children’s faces.