20 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Had Family Ties To Royalty


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The royals of old were prone to having big families. Since illness or war would end up killing at least a few of the children, why not have as many as possible, in order to ensure a worthy heir to the throne? And that’s not even getting into the vast number of illegitimate children that some famous kings liked to father. As a result of all this, there are now scores of royal descendants running around. Some of whom might look more than a little familiar…

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20. Paris Hilton

For some, Paris Hilton has long been regarded as a spoiled princess type. But as it turns out, she actually is distantly related to royalty, as a 20th cousin of King Henry II. It’s something that must have rubbed off on her, as she certainly has the wealth and lifestyle of a monarch.

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19. Ellen DeGeneres

When appearing on the British TV show Lorraine in 2016, DeGeneres revealed that she is related to Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is her 14th cousin twice removed. It’s something that Kate “refuses to acknowledge,” Ellen joked.


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18. Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman is a descendant of King Edward I, who took the English throne in 1272. And that also makes her the 21st cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II! Interestingly, Edward I was noted for being a tall man – and Uma Thurman is certainly a tall woman.