These 19 Snapshots of Movie Stars with Their Stunt Doubles Will Make You Double Take

Tom Hardy
Image: Instagram/Jacob Tomuri

17. Tom Hardy

Those enamored by Tom Hardy’s brooding good looks will no doubt be delighted to find out that there’s another man who’s the spitting image of the British actor. That man is Jacob Tomuri, the New Zealander who did most of the star’s death-defying stunts on Mad Max: Fury Road.

Kate Winslet
Image: via I Heart Titanic

16. Kate Winslet

“You do get to know someone very well when you spend hours at a time standing in cold water in wet clothes,” admitted Kate Winslet’s dead ringer Sarah Franzl. It seems as if the British native certainly suffered for her art while taking on the guise of Rose in the phenomenon that was Titanic.


Andrew Garfield
Image: via Movie Fanatic

15. Andrew Garfield

Skateboarding stuntman William Spencer was personally selected by the rising star he stood in for on The Amazing Spider-Man. And that honor meant that the Texan got to wear the famous skintight Spidey costume, after Andrew Garfield asked him to help the webbed wonder become a skating wizard. Lucky dude…