20 Things About Logan’s Run That The Sandmen Kept Secret

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Upon its release in 1976, the movie adaptation of the novel Logan’s Run became somewhat of a big-screen pioneer when it came to sci-fi. And given that it has a plot revolving around societal usurpation, it’s no surprise that its hard-hitting themes still resonate decades later.

Indeed, it has since garnered a cult following, with the most ardent fans referencing its innovative story and entertaining set-pieces as evidence of its trailblazing quality. But as Logan’s Run isn’t as well-known as some of its more iconic science fiction successors, you may not know these 20 intriguing facts about the movie…

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20. One very important person wasn’t a fan

It’s quite common for novel writers to be averse to how their work has been reappropriated for the big screen. And William F. Nolan, co-author of Logan’s Run, has followed that trend. In James Chapman and Nicholas J. Cull’s book Projecting Tomorrow: Science Fiction and Popular Cinema, Nolan is quoted in particular as saying, “The loss of Ballard, head of our Sanctuary people, disturbed me – and I liked our ending better than theirs.”

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19. Michael York had to have his arm twisted

Michael York may not have been the most obvious choice for the lead role of Sandman Logan 5, but he certainly proved to be popular with audiences. Things could have been very different, however, if he hadn’t been convinced to star in the movie in the first place. York recalled in a 2008 interview with Den of Geek that he was finally prodded into it by a co-worker at Los Angeles’ Ahmanson Theatre, despite initially having misgivings about the film.