20 *NSYNC Secrets That Show What They Really Got Up To Behind The Scenes

Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

For many of us, *NSYNC were the definitive soundtrack to the late ’90s. We all swooned over Justin and JC. We learned all the dance moves and followed Justin and Britney’s every romantic up and down. And, rather unfortunately, many of us even copied their fashions.

But while the boyband spent years in the spotlight and on the road together, how well did the five really get on? Find out all the juicy behind-the-scenes gossip with these 20 little-known facts about Lance, JC, Joey, Chris and Justin.

Image: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

20. Justin didn’t send his bandmates wedding invites

It seemed rather shocking when, in 2012, Justin didn’t invite his old bandmates to witness him tie the knot with Jessica Biel. But the boys have nevertheless claimed that they didn’t feel snubbed at all. Rather, they understood a reunion of the band would have caused a complete and total media frenzy that would distract from the blushing bride. As a consequence, they all attended the engagement party instead.

Image: Tim Boyles/Getty Images

19. Chris Kirkpatrick was the true stud of the group

While Justin may have had the golden curls and JC the bedroom eyes, it was Chris Kirkpatrick who was the real stud of the group. In an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Lance Bass revealed that Kirkpatrick was a bit of a player – although he’s happily married now, of course.