20 Classic TV Shows That Could Have All Ended On Dramatically Different Notes


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These 20 TV shows were some of the most popular of all time. So when it came to their finales, they were placed under a lot of scrutiny – and not everyone was happy with the way they came to a close. However, these flicks could have turned out extremely differently, thanks to their surprising alternate endings.

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20. Dawson’s Creek

The Dawson’s Creek finale jumps five years into the future to show viewers where the beloved characters have ended up. One major twist shows Jen Lindley dying, while in another, Joey Potter ends up with Pacey Witter. Although the series started out with Joey as Dawson Leery’s romantic interest, the trio are soon involved in one of television’s most memorable love triangles.

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However, creator Kevin Williamson intended to have Joey and Dawson together in the finale. But he changed his mind while writing the episode. Although he confessed at the 2015 ATX Television Festival that “my mother hates me” for the decision, fans were happy with the way things panned out. And while Dawson may not have got the girl, he nabs a career in Hollywood instead.

Image: Nick Yarborough
Image: The first season of True Detective via Nick Yarborough

19. True Detective

The first season of True Detective ends with both investigators surviving. And this is despite the fact that they are both seriously injured during a confrontation with killer Errol Childress. In the end, Rustin “Rust” Cohle tells Martin “Marty” Hart that it all comes down to “just one story,” referring to the battle of “light versus dark.” And while it wraps up the events of the series, it still remains somewhat ambiguous.