20 Off-Air Scandals That ESPN Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Mike Tirico
Image: Getty Images

18. The Mike Tirico stalking allegations

What’s more, Those Guys Have All the Fun also got the network’s longest-serving anchor into hot water. Specifically, it was alleged that Mike Tirico was suspended for three months for various troubling incidents. The man best known for his duties on Monday Night Football was accused of stalking and attempting to grope several of his female colleagues in the early ’90s.

Stephen A. Smith
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17. Stephen A. Smith’s domestic abuse comments

Stephen A. Smith was suspended from ESPN for a week following comments related to the video in which NFL star Ray Rice was seen physically abusing his wife in an elevator. The commentator appeared to insinuate that Rice’s wife may have been to blame for the incident, drawing ire from both viewers and fellow ESPN personality Michelle Beadle.


Bill Creasy
Image: via St. Lawrence University

16. The Bill Creasy sexual harassment case

ESPN’s inaugural president of programming Bill Creasy even once found himself at the center of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Melissa DiMarco, who at 30 years old was only a fraction of his age, alleged that she was fired by Creasy after refusing to sleep over at his Greenwich mansion. The suit was eventually settled in 2004.