20 Secrets About That ’70s Show Which The Producers Didn’t Want You To Find Out

Image: via The Red List / via Fanpop

Delving into the past for laughs is a tricky thing to accomplish, but late ’90s/early ’00s sitcom That ’70s Show managed that very feat. Eric, Kelso, Fez and co. perfectly encapsulated the time period with clothes, music, jokes and cultural references all used to establish its retro style.

And with the acting alumni that appeared on the show, as well as their successful endeavors after its conclusion, there’s certainly no denying its influence. But there’s plenty of things that you may not know about the ’70s sitcom. So feast your eyes upon our list of 20 secrets about That ’70s Show that the producers didn’t want you to find out.

Image: YouTube/CreatX

20. Real-life inspiration

The great Kurtwood Smith was one of the highlights of the show as Red Forman, but it turns that out much of his inspiration for the part came from his stepfather. Smith told the A.V. Club in 2014, “I did not write any of those jokes, but when I first auditioned for the role and from then on, I always had my stepdad in mind.”

Image: YouTube/Pop TV

19. First kiss

A first kiss is pretty nerve-racking on its own, but the anxiety must increase tenfold when in front of the camera. Mila Kunis, however, found herself in precisely this position on That ’70s Show, with her first ever kiss being with none other than future husband Ashton Kutcher. She told People in 2001, “I was so nervous and uncomfortable. I had the biggest crush on him.”