20 Things About Home Improvement That Its Makers Never Wanted You To Know

Image: via Mallory Parritt
Image: via Pinterest/Mallory Parritt

It was the show that propelled Tim Allen to fame, launched Pamela Anderson’s acting career and turned a guttural grunt into one of the nation’s favorite catchphrases. And 25 years after it first aired on ABC, here’s 20 things you may not know about the much-loved family sitcom Home Improvement.

Richard Karn
Image: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for George Lopez

20. A traffic violation helped Richard Karn get the part of Al

Richard Karn, who played Tim’s deadpan sidekick Al, found out that (minor) crime does sometimes pay when a traffic violation helped him land his most famous role. Indeed, the actor only discovered that auditions for the show were being held after meeting an agent at the traffic school he was forced to attend for ignoring a stop sign in L.A.


Ashley Judd
Image: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

19. Ashley Judd missed out on a role for being too talented

Turns out that being super-talented can sometimes be a hindrance in the casting process. Ashley Judd was considered to be too strong an actress to play the minor role of the glamorous Tool Time girl, and was subsequently turned down in favor of the slightly less accomplished Pamela Anderson.