If These Items Are Sitting In Your Junk Drawer, They Could Make You A Ton Of Cash

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If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then eBay is the place to make both men happy. Yes, no matter what junk you’ve got lying around your house, there’s probably someone willing to pay for it. Before you throw out your old cell phone chargers, shoes and towels, then, make sure you aren’t missing an opportunity to make some serious money.

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40. Broken crayons

Crayons aren’t exactly the sturdiest artistic medium around, but they are plentiful and cheap. Chances are, then, that your kids will go through quite a few in their early years. But don’t just toss those broken crayons in the trash. Instead, bag them up, weigh them, and pop them on eBay. A thrifty crafter will quickly take them off your hands, because melted crayons have tons of different uses. Indeed, an 8.6-pound bag of mixed colors recently sold for $33.

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39. Egg cartons

Yes, you could simply recycle your empty egg cartons. But if you’re willing to put the time in, the seemingly useless packaging can convert to serious cash. That’s because they’re not only great for arts and crafts projects, but also useful to anyone who keeps hens for eggs. So, bundle your cartons together, and watch the money roll in: a stack of 90 sells for up to $59.99.

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38. Toilet paper rolls

That’s right: your old toilet roll tubes could well be worth hanging on to. Schoolteachers love them for arts and crafts projects, and are accordingly willing to buy them in bulk. If you can amass a box of 100, you could fetch up to $15 on eBay for them. All you need is somewhere to store them in the meantime.

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37. Bottle caps


Whether they’re plastic or metal, bottle caps are basically the definition of junk – to most of us, anyway. To some, however, they’re an invaluable resource, mostly thanks to their wide applications in crafting projects or artwork. And that makes them profitable: a bulk lot of 100 caps can bring in over $7 on eBay.

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36. Rewards points

A rewards card can be useful, but only if you really need the specific reward it’s offering. If you don’t, it’s probably a better idea to sell it on. You won’t recoup the full value of the reward, but there are plenty of thrifty shoppers out there looking to save even a few dollars. For instance, a Kroger fuel card with 1,000 points – worth up to $35 – recently sold for $19.99 on eBay.

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35. Coupons


Much like rewards cards, coupons and gift cards for specific stores can be converted to cash on eBay. Again, you probably won’t sell them for their full value. But if you’re not planning on shopping at that store, anything is better than nothing. Indeed, one savvy eBay user managed to fetch $22 for their $30 Kohls gift card.

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34. Empty candle jars

Even if you don’t have any use for candle jars once the wax has melted, someone out there will. That’s because they’re great for crafts projects, or even simply for storage. And that gives them value: so instead of throwing them out, bundle them up and list them online. A lot of eight empty jars can sell for over $19.

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33. Old cell phone chargers


Not everyone uses modern smartphones, and that means there’s a market out there for old cell phone chargers. Next time you’re clearing out your junk drawers and come across a mass of cables, then, it’s worth spending a little time untangling them. You won’t strike gold, but working chargers can sell for about $5 each.

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32. Product boxes

You might view empty boxes as pointless packaging, but there are collectors out there who’ll pay good money for them. For example, an empty Apple AirPods Pro box recently sold for $17.80. A vintage Matchbox cars box, meanwhile, reached $40 in a fierce eBay bidding war. If nothing else, it’s a great way to recoup some of the cost of the product.

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31. Old catalogs


It’s no surprise that vintage catalogs are a hot collector’s item. After all, they’re basically a tangible slice of nostalgia – and that makes them extremely tantalizing to the right bidder. A Cumberland general store catalog from 1999 recently sold for $16.99, for example, while a Volkswagen Van brochure from 1963 fetched a whopping $21.50.

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30. Paper shopping bags

Unbranded paper shopping bags aren’t really worth selling online – a lot of 100 sells for a paltry penny. But if they have luxury brands printed on them, the price quickly shoots up. Indeed, a collection of three Victoria’s Secret paper bags recently sold for $12, while a lone Chanel bag went for $7.95.

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29. Empty perfume bottles


Finishing a bottle of perfume doesn’t always have to be a downer. In fact, you could even help finance a replacement by selling off the empty bottle – particularly if it’s a luxury brand. For example, a set of three Grenoville perfume bottles sold with their presentation box for an eye-watering $50. And even if you only have generic glass bottles, they can still fetch up to $3 apiece.

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28. Pinecones

Picking up a few pinecones while you’re out and about won’t cost you a thing – but it could bring in big profits. Yes, they’re immensely popular for crafting projects, particularly during the holiday season. If you want to maximize your returns, then, make sure you sell at the right time. If you do, you could bag about $1 per pinecone.

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27. Wine corks


The beauty of arts and crafts is that practically any old junk can be made useful again. And that rings just as true for wine corks, which can sell for up to $29.95 for a lot of 300. Depending on how much wine you drink, then, they could take a while to collect. Fortunately, they’re small enough to easily store while you build up a bundle – just make sure your corks are all natural.

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26. Back issues of magazines

Rather than tossing your old magazines in the recycling, see if there’s any interest in them online. You might be surprised: a recent eBay auction saw 14 copies of Sports Illustrated, ranging from 1988 through to 1992, sell for $14. Magazines that are particularly sought after, meanwhile, can command a heftier fee. For instance, a Ramones-fronted 2005 issue of music magazine MOJO sold for $7.49.

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25. Owner’s manuals


If you’ve still got owner’s manuals lying around for your old vehicles, be thankful you never threw them in the trash. After all, if a used car doesn’t come with a manual, the buyer is going to want to track one down. And that means they can fetch a tidy sum on eBay. Indeed, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 manual from 2001 currently sells for up to $52.95, while a 2014 Ford F150 manual recently sold for $22.

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24. Installation CDs

Remember when you had to install software using a CD? Well, apparently some people still do. Yes, it might sound preposterous, but there’s seemingly a market out there for this ancient relic of technology. In fact, according to Country Living magazine in 2017, installation disks for printers, operating systems and other miscellaneous software can fetch anywhere from $3 to $16.

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23. Broken appliances


If you don’t have the time, patience or ability to fix your broken kitchenware, don’t throw it out. The odds are good that someone out there will be able to fix it, or at least use the parts. And they’ll therefore pay good money for what’s effectively a discounted appliance. For example, a Moccamaster coffee-maker listed as “only for parts” was recently snapped up for $119.99 on eBay.

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22. Junk drawer contents

Can’t be bothered sorting out your junk drawer and selling everything individually? No worries: just pop the whole thing on eBay. It might sound ridiculous, but that’s exactly what one savvy seller did in 2017. Astonishingly, they managed to fetch an incredible $234.99 for their random assortment of belt buckles, pins and pocket knives.

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21. VHS tapes


Still clinging onto your old VHS tapes? It might be time to let go of the long-defunct format – especially when they can make you so much money. The tapes are a veritable goldmine for collectors, with single films selling for up to $30. And if you happen to be sitting on a rare Disney classic, it could fetch up to $1,000. Indeed, that’s how much a Black Diamond edition of The Little Mermaid sold for in January 2020.

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20. Cassette tapes

Much like VHS tapes, cassette tapes have apparently been around long enough to come back into fashion. Indeed, artists regularly sell limited edition cassette tapes of their latest albums. And, in turn, classic cassettes are now pretty valuable. In January 2020, for instance, a vintage copy of Meat Is Murder by The Smiths sold for $15.

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19. Partial gift cards


Your gift card doesn’t need to have a full balance to do well on eBay. If you’ve bought everything you want from a certain store, then, you can always sell the rest of the balance for cash. Generally, you should expect to shift the card for between 60 and 80 percent of its remaining value.

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18. Empty wine bottles

While you’re keeping your old wine corks to sell on, you may as well keep the bottles, too. Just like the corks, they’re popular among the crafting community, but the bottles are also advertised as display items. Once you’ve got a dozen together, sell them as an assorted bundle – they should fetch about $25 on eBay.

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17. Empty makeup containers


If you’re a frequent customer at MAC Cosmetics, you’ll probably know that the company offers a free lipstick – worth roughly $17 – when you return six empty makeup containers. If you’d rather have the cash, though, you can always turn to eBay. A set of seven containers, advertised specifically for the “Back to MAC” program, recently sold for $12.99.

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16. Old software

If you have old disks sitting around in your junk drawer, it’s worth checking what they sell for on eBay. Previous iterations of current software are still popular, presumably because they can be had cheaper than the updated versions. For instance, a Microsoft Office 2007 sotfware suite recently sold for $19.99, while a disk and key for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 can fetch as much as $80.

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15. Trophies


Nobody’s advocating selling off your prized mementos. But if you have old trophies that carry no sentimental meaning, you could do worse than listing them on eBay. The crafting crowd will snap them up, because they’re easy to recycle into other objects, such as cake toppers. As a result, a large trophy can sell for as much as $40, according to Country Living in 2017.

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14. Empty videogame cases

As the years go by, we’re all prone to losing the odd disk here and there. And you may have subsequently found yourself with a stack of empty video game cases. But don’t throw them away – they’re a popular item on eBay, presumably as replacements for buyers who have rogue disks, but no cases. For example, a bundle of six empty PlayStation 3 game cases recently sold for $9.99.

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13. Empty printer ink cartridges


Brand new ink cartridges can be expensive, but with the right knowhow, you can refill a used printer cartridge for a fraction of the cost. Of course, you’ll need the used cartridge to do so – and that means there’s a market for them. If you’re not bothered about refilling yours, then, you may as well sell them to someone who is. After all, a lot of 13 empty Hewlett Packard (HP) cartridges sold for almost $46 in January 2020.

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12. Incomplete board games

Sure, your old Monopoly set may be missing a couple of hotels. And Clue hasn’t been the same since you lost the rope. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw those games out. It may be that someone has their own piecemeal version they’re looking to complete, or is happy to play a modified version of the game. Indeed, that would explain how an incomplete copy of Clue: The Office Edition recently sold for $44.99.

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11. Damaged sweaters


Devastated that your sweaters are no longer fit to even donate to charity? Well, someone might yet buy them from you instead – even if it’s just for the material. Yes, you’ll want to try listing them under eBay’s fabrics category for maximum returns. If you do, you can expect to fetch about $15 for four damaged cashmere sweaters.

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10. Old cell phones

You may find it hard to believe, but the cell phone you were using ten years ago is now considered a collectible. Yes, the original iPhone can still fetch more than $70 on eBay. If you somehow still have a boxed version lying around, though, you really do have a goldmine on your hands. And it doesn’t even need to be sealed – a mint first generation iPhone sold for $853 in January 2020.

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9. Baby food jars


Just like empty candle jars, baby food jars are useful materials for arts and crafts projects. They can subsequently fetch up to a dollar apiece on eBay, so it’s worth holding onto them until you’re ready to sell. And as you can buy a ten-pack of full jars from the grocery store for less than $10, you may even end up making a profit.

Image: Tim DrivasCreative Commons

8. Used golf balls

Golf can be an expensive hobby to pick up, so you won’t be surprised to learn that there’s a strong market for cheaper equipment. And that doesn’t just mean clubs, but golf balls, too. Indeed, a collection of 52 near-mint golf balls recently sold on eBay for $38.99. If your garage is full of long-forgotten sporting equipment, then, you could be in the money.

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7. Worn-out shoes


It may sound incredible, but there really are people out there shopping for well-worn shoes. In fact, a quick search online brings up multiple completed listings – including a pair that sold in January 2020 for a whopping $70. Next time you’re ready to throw your old shoes away, then, consider throwing them on eBay instead.

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6. Old dinner sets

If you’ve got a full or even partial dinner set that’s gathering dust, it’s worth checking the brand. Some of them can go for good money on eBay, including Denby, Portmeirion and Royal Doulton. For instance, a set of four vintage Royal Doulton plates from 1999 sold for $24.99 at auction in January 2020.

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5. Broken kettles


Just as people will pay well for broken coffee machines, they’ll also cough up the dough for broken kettles. And that’s certainly the case for kettles that were of particularly high quality when fully operational. Indeed, buying and repairing a broken kettle can be a cheap way to get a high-end product. If you have no interest in repairing yours, then, consider selling it on.

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4. Old towels

If you’re investing in a fresh set of towels, don’t immediately throw the old ones away. First, check whether they’ll sell on eBay. Yes, as long as they’re high-quality towels, then someone may well take them off your hands. In January 2020, for example, a pair of used Frette towels sold for almost $80.

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3. Used eyeglasses


Most of us refresh our eyewear every few years, but few of us probably think to sell our old glasses. In fact, that’s exactly what we should be doing, because there are plenty of people willing to pay for them. That’s especially true if they’re designer brands that can be repurposed, but even regular old glasses can sell well. For instance, production companies regularly use eBay to find cheap props for movies – and that includes eyeglasses.

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2. Used dentures

As gross as it sounds, people really will buy your old dentures online. That’s predominantly because many older dentures used precious metals for fillings or crowns, and buyers can extract these valuable materials to sell on. However, some buyers may simply be looking for a cheaper alternative to brand new dentures, which can range anywhere from $2,000 up to $15,000 and beyond.

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1. Furbies


It may be time to search your attic for the toys of your youth – today, nostalgia sells. For the proof, look no further than Furbies: in June 2019, the Tiger Special Millennium Edition Furby sold for over $4,500 on eBay. Regular Furbies, meanwhile, still sell for between $15 and $50. If you’re willing to cash in on your childhood, then, you stand to make a pretty penny.