20 Secret Messages Hidden On Everyday Products

Image: SupermotoArchitect

In business, profit is king. And, unfortunately, that mantra can often mean companies forgetting to have fun along the way – although that’s not the case when it comes to these ingenious product designs. Yes, all 20 of the following items contain some incredibly clever, funny and outright remarkable “Easter-egg-style” gems – from hidden messages to secret symbols.

Image: trashyfictions

20. This hidden floral design

Next time your raincoat gets wet, take a close look at the sleeve. And if nothing changes, then you know it’s time to upgrade to something like this ingenious item of clothing. That’s because when rain hits the garment, a hidden floral design appears. Yes, just as in nature, water makes the flowers grow.

Image: Moedig25

19. This life-affirming message

There’s nothing like a hidden message to brighten up your day, particularly when it’s as complimentary as this one. And secret notes don’t get much more wholesome than this. The best part is, though, is that the only way you’ll see it is if it’s true – that’s how you know it’s totally genuine.

Image: B1rdi

18. This hide-and-seek game

Whoever designed this label was clearly having a great time. After all, this is hardly the kind of thing you need to put on your packaging, because most people aren’t going to bother peeling back the label to find it in the first place. But for the lucky few who do sneak a peek, it’s worth it.

Image: accidentpronehiker

17. This Morse code message


Hidden messages don’t get much more subtle than this. That’s because the bumps and dots on the footrest of this Jeep actually spell out something: namely “sand, snow, rivers, rocks” in Morse code. And we imagine the designer is now crying tears of joy that somebody has finally spotted the detail, since – let’s face it – no one spends much time looking at their footrest.

Image: CyclistTravi

16. This surprisingly adaptable cable

We feel like the instructions on this cable are missing a few steps. Sure, it’s probably useful for tying up burglars you’ve managed to restrain, but just getting to that point seems like it’s going to be a struggle. Still, it’s good to know that the manufacturers are happy to consider “alternative” uses for the product…

Image: London_Atlas

15. This serial number


If you’re not quite sure what’s going on here, try reading this urinal’s serial number out loud to yourself slowly. Yep, it appears to be a hilariously direct instruction to potential clientele. Let’s just hope this is a generic serial number for every American Standard urinal – otherwise this gag will only be noticed by a select few.

Image: danmanyjews

14. This under-bed suggestion

This may just be a sneaky bit of advertising, but you can’t deny it’s an ingenious place to put it. And it really is the epitome of making the most of every available opportunity. Although if cruise ship passengers really want to keep themselves trim, they’d have probably have already headed to the gym instead of resorting to bends in their cabin…

Image: Derrydeez

13. This obscure movie quote


A circuit board isn’t exactly the first place you’d look for a paraphrased quote from a long-forgotten 1996 John Travolta movie. But that’s exactly what’s printed on this Atari board, for some reason. Still, at least the line – seemingly inspired by dialogue from the John Woo-directed action flick Broken Arrow – is a funny one. And we’re sure the filmmakers are glad that someone remembers it…

Image: ErnestWorthing

12. This inspiring tag

It’s not every day you find such an encouraging message in the tag of your shirt. But when you think about it, there’s no better place for something like this. And it’s definitely worked on us, because we’re feeling totally inspired. It’s nice, too, to think that someone wishes us well when it comes to, er, getting lucky.

Image: thegayboynextdoor

11. This grateful gamer message


If you have a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, try pushing the analog stick down. Then peer in closely, and you may just spot a hidden message etched on to the rim that reads, “thx2 allgamefans!” You’ll apparently need to shine a light on the stick to see the words properly, but they’re totally there.

10. This cheeky smoothie

Have you ever been shamed by a smoothie? No? Well, clearly you’ve never tried looking at the underside – sorry, bottom – of an Innocent carton. Yes, true to its brand name, this drink is apparently extremely bashful. Well, that’s what you get for peeking.

Image: cjd1991

9. This hidden brand name


While many brands go to extreme lengths to plaster their names over their products, others take a more understated approach. Take this sunglasses designer, for example, whose moniker is only visible when you breathe on the lens. Really, it doesn’t get much classier than that. And the technology to make it work is pretty impressive too.

Image: Deonteaus

8. These smiley faces

While a smiley face may seem like an odd reward for pulling apart your keyboard, there’s no denying that it would be a fun thing to find. Plus, if one of the knobs came off accidentally, it may help soften the blow until you get it fixed. You’ve got to love those forward-thinking instrument designers…

Image: skeeeburt

7. This easily identifiable screw


Do you recognize the cross, circle, square and triangle symbols atop this screw? Yes, this is the interior of a PlayStation 4 console. If only all screws had such easily identifiable marks engraved into them – we’d then never be confused as to what they’ve come from…

Image: OnkelFax

6. This hidden portrait

Creative types often like to leave a lasting mark on their work; artists may sign their paintings, for example. But this board game designer went one step further, sneaking his own portrait into this tabletop game. Only the most eagle-eyed players will spot the feature or indeed be able to recognize the face. Still, it’s a great little Easter egg for those in the know.

Image: Big_Mak04

5. This sneaky revision book


Well, that’s one way to get kids to revise. After all, combing through the entire book for hidden messages may teach you the material pretty quickly. And although that prospect relies pretty heavily on those kids being bothered enough to actually take up the challenge, the rewards will be invaluable for those that do – even if that note is actually telling the truth.

Image: HideousGrin

4. This coffee mug’s instructions

Sure, using the other side will give you the best results. Makes sense. But does that mean that using this side will give you… some results? Let’s just hope nobody actually interprets it that way. Regardless, it’s often the most obvious messages that are the funniest, as this Batman mug proves.


3. This less obscure movie quote

What is it about circuit boards and movie quotes? At least more people are bound to recognize this one – not least because it’s from one of the most famous movie series in history. Plus, as a sci-fi franchise, Star Wars feels a lot more relevant to the science of electronics and circuitry than Broken Arrow.

Image: supertinypenguin

2. This conversational yoghurt

Often, a simple “Hello” can go a long way. Or, in this case, a simple “Hi.” Sure, some people may think you’re crazy for talking to your yogurt lid, but they’ve clearly never been greeted by a snack before. And it’s genuinely amazing how such a simple gesture can lift your mood.

Image: Mazeltov_Col

1. This hidden mountain


Okay, so it’s not strictly a hidden message, but it’s just as enthralling. In case you’ve missed it: this bottle of mountain spring water has the shape of a mountain at its base. And as inventive packaging design goes, this feature is surely up there with the best. We’ll just ignore the fact that it means there’s less water in the bottle…