Nannies Have Opened Up About The Reality Of Caring For Hollywood Kids

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Being a celebrity nanny certainly has some perks, with access to a glamorous life of which most of us can only dream. But it has its downsides, which can include having to wear the same scent as the celebrity mom, so that baby can’t tell who’s caring for them, or having to don specific jewelry. What’s more, while paparazzi offer huge amounts of cash for candid photos, confidentiality agreements can be searingly strict.

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One nanny shared some of the upsides, ranging from shopping at elite stores to lounging on a massive yacht. In her career she enjoyed trips to far-off places on the family jet, scoffing gourmet food made by chefs, and wearing designer clothes that were given to her by moms. Sometimes she found herself part of the family. But some celebrities have some interesting demands.

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For instance, it’s not uncommon to be employed day and night. Madonna liked her nannies to be on call at any hour, while Kate Gosselin allegedly sometimes didn’t bother with the “on call,” getting nannies to work the clock round. Gosselin has been through at least a dozen nannies – some perhaps unhappy at having to keep her chickens fed.

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There can be no sleep in Angelina Jolie’s household either; her kids sometimes enjoy TV all-nighters. At least she doesn’t ask the nanny to dance, as Beyoncé apparently does, or sing “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”, which reportedly helps Sarah Jessica Parker’s kids to drop off. With Kim and Kanye, it’s said you’ll get a bonus if the kids don’t wake up, while at the Hemsworths, you’ll need to speak Spanish for hours – Chris believes that it’s the best way to teach a child a language.

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If you work for Gwen Stefani, you’d better look good in spandex – it’s said she likes her (strictly male) nannies to dress up as superheroes every night. Others who reportedly have to pretend are Victoria Beckham’s nannies – apparently they all have to go by “Jo” because kid Harper never got over a nanny by that name. At least they can console themselves that they don’t work for Mick Jagger – he allegedly once greeted a nanny fresh from his shower, fully nude.