20 Facts About Marilyn Manson That Prove He’s Just As Weird As You Think

Image: Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Perhaps the most controversial musician of the late 20th century, Marilyn Manson has left waves of outrage in his wake after breaking onto the scene in the early 1990s. Indeed, the conservative media has blamed the singer for everything from promoting Satanism to inspiring the Columbine High School massacre. Meanwhile, stores like Walmart, Kmart and Target have refused to even stock his albums.

Behind the controversy, though, lies one of the oddest and most intriguing rock stars of our time. And while many of his most famous stories are sadly apocryphal, these 100 percent genuine facts prove just how weird Manson really is.

Image: Twitter/marilynmansonc

20. His mother suffered from a strange and abusive disorder


Based on his lifestyle, you might guess that Manson had an unorthodox childhood. But the truth is much sadder than most would realize. In fact, his mother Barb suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy and led the young singer to believe that he suffered from a string of ailments – including multiple bouts of pneumonia and allergies to fabric softener and eggs – that were actually entirely imaginary.